Realty World Turkey

Our offices Can Get Real Estate Data Instantly Thanks to Realty World Turkey & Reidin Collaboration

Thanks to the cooperation that we made, Realty World Turkey professionals will be able to use REIDIN, which is the most comprehensive real estate data bank in Turkey, free of charge.

REIDIN analyzes data from all real estate search sites with the artificial intelligence technology it has developed and transforms it into understandable reports. It is possible to generate professional presentations with sectoral information such as market competition analysis, current and historical sales and rent indices, number of current and historical advertisements, total and average district based advertisement amounts, return on investment periods, regional reports in special format and eye-catching graphics.

In what area does REIDIN bring benefit to us?

REIDIN data that has been used by Turkey's leading organizations, contributes to Realty World Turkey professionals to provide a more professional service in the field of real estate to landlords and buyers with the most accurate and actual data.

"With this very valuable data for the real estate sector, which cannot be accessed by any other real estate professional or customer externally, we estimate that our brokers and consultants will increase their performance in gaining authorized portfolio and sales and rental operations. We offer system, with the starting price of 1800 USD per year, to all our offices free of charge. Thus, we enable our real estate agents to analyze based on data" said Realty World Turkey General Manager Mr. Sinan Şerifoğlu.